Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House


Invites you to join Fr. Stephen Pitts, S.J. for our #11 Men's Silent Ignatian Retreat, March 15-18, 2018

Take time for yourself, be renewed and draw closer to God; come to a retreat at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House

  • A retreat is a time of quiet when you can get away from the ordinary demands of life.
  • A retreat provides both time and space to gain a better perspective on the deeper meaning of your life.
  • A retreat offers more of what you yearn for, that is a place and a way to come to know God better in intimate and personal relationship.
  • A retreat is a time of reconciliation and peace.
  • A retreat is a gift you give yourself and allow the Lord to bless the gift. It is a time for you to be good to yourself.

Discovering or deepening your own way of praying is an important outcome of the Montserrat retreat. A Montserrat retreat will ask you to look at your relationships: with God, with your spouses and families, with friends, with the Church, with your own world -- and with you own self. And you will hear Jesus Christ saying to you "Do not be afraid."


About your Director:

Stephen M. Pitts, S.J. (UCS) (2).jpg

Fr. Stephen Pitts, S.J. was born in New Orleans and grew up in Memphis, TN.  Though baptized Catholic as an infant, he attended an evangelical Protestant church with his family during his upbringing.  After high school, he went attended the University of Oklahoma, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science.  At nearby St. Thomas More University Parish, Fr. Pitts was received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil as a college freshman and worked as a student leader in campus ministry during his undergraduate years.  His campus minister, an alumna of Boston College, encouraged him to consider the Jesuits because of his interest in education and in working abroad, and he entered the Society of Jesus after graduating in 2006. 

As a novice, Fr. Pitts spent four months at the Casa de Los Pobres, a Franciscan-run soup kitchen in Tijuana, Mexico, an experience that opened his heart to the stories of immigrants.  After first vows in 2008, he pursued studies at Loyola University Chicago, earning a master's degree in philosophy in 2011.  Next, Fr. Pitts taught mathematics at Jesuit College Prepatory School in Dallas, TX from 2011-2014, where he also served as chaplain of the wrestling team,, crew team, robotics club, as well as helping with student retreats and faculty formation.  At the end of his time there, he and eight of his colleagues completed a two-week pilgrimage of Ignatian sites in Spain. 

This past May, he earmed a Master of Divinity degree at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley, CA.  For the summer, Fr. Pitts will spend six weeks in Chiapas, Mexico, doing pastoral work and field reserach at a Jesuit-sponsored cooperative, Yomol Atel, that serves indigenous coffee growers.  In the fall, he will return to the Jesuit School of Theology to complete a Masters of Theology degree in social ethics while he finishes a Master of Science degree in International and Development Economics at the University of San Francisco.  Fr. Pitts will celebrate his first Mass at St. John Bosco Church in Harvey, LA, the parish where he was baptized.


  • Register online here or call 940-321-6020. Register early and reserve your place with a $50.00 advance deposit.  
  • Major credit cards/checks accepted. Private accommodations, meals, prayers talks, and individual spiritual direction are all included.  

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