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Ignatian Spirituality Institute: Presence (Retreat for Young Adults)

This retreat is hosted by the Ignatian Spirituality Institute

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Experiencing the presence of God is the foundation of Christian faith.  Disciples know the Risen Lord.  They have seen him.  They have heard him.  He has touched them.  Their Lord is not a concept; not a doctrine; but rather a living being with whom they have bonds of affection, commitment and friendship. 

The spiritual encounter happens in different ways, depending on the person, culture and context.  But without intimate knowledge of Christ, to better love and serve, disciples are but noisy brass; catchy protocol and fanfare, meaning nothing. Without interior experience of presence, all we have is ideology, dogma and abstract concept. Doctrine alone has never saved anyone.  No concept has ever given its life for love of neighbor.  Abstractions make no callings and give no missions.  No ideology has ever in the history of humankind, had the necessary empathy to cure the sick, feed the hungry and expel the demon.  

Jesus is a person whose presence is authentic, sincere and convincing. His personal, intimate and unbreakable bond with the Father of love grounds his presence to others.  Presence is the lifeblood of each and every disciple. This one day retreat is designed for adults ages 24 to 35 with an invitation to explore Presence. How do I experience God's presence in my life, here and now? What does prayer have to do with it? How do I listen, learn and grow confident God is at work in me, through me and for me? Where does God's presence place me in community with and for others? The day will include Celebration of the Eucharist, and opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and individual spiritual direction.

Begin with presence by listening to Jesus' invitation, "Come and See"