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Private Directed Retreats

Directed Retreats
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A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at registration.

As a guide, Montserrat suggests the following as a retreat offering:

5-Day Directed Retreat - $450 (Religious: Priests, Deacons, Sisters, Seminarians); $500 (Laity)

8-Day Directed Retreat - $600 (Religious: Priests, Deacons, Sisters, Seminarians); $650 (Laity)

Montserrat accepts your retreat offering when you make your retreat. Your offering may be prorated quarterly or monthly.

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5 Day Directed Retreat: 

June 16 - 22, 2019

8-Day Directed Retreat:

June 16 - 25, 2019

A directed retreat is an individual prayer experience.  Your prayer will be enriched and guided by a spiritual director with whom you will meet daily.  Your director will guide you in determining where the Holy Spirit is inviting you to focus your prayer and experience.  During a directed retreat, the hours of your day are spent in private prayer and reflection.

Why Make a Retreat at Montserrat?

In any serious relationship with Jesus Christ, one needs to take time to become recollected and re-centered.  At Montserrat, we learn to listen carefully and to pay attention to God’s presence.

A Montserrat retreat is a time to be immersed in  the whispers of God heard best in quiet. Prayer and silence are integral parts of a retreat, for it is how we learn that we need not fear because God is ever present.


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