Contemplatives in Action

July 13-15, 2018

A silent, Ignatian retreat for young people (age 18-39) seeking to ground their lives on Christ in the busyness of the everyday.

What is a Retreat?

Take time for yourself, be renewed and draw closer to God; come to a retreat at Montserrat Retreat House.
A retreat is a time of quiet when you can get away from the ordinary demands of life.
A retreat provides both time and space to gain a better perspective on the deeper meaning of your life.
A retreat offers more of what you yearn for, that is a place and a way to come to know God better in intimate and personal relationship. 
A retreat is a time of reconciliation and peace.
A retreat is a gift you give yourself and allow the Lord to bless the gift. It is a time for you to be good to yourself.
Discovering or deepening your own way of praying is an important outcome of the Montserrat retreat. A Montserrat retreat will ask you to look at your relationships: with God, with your spouses and families, with friends, with the Church, with your own world -- and with you own self. And you will hear Jesus Christ saying to you, "Do not be afraid."

What if I can’t be quiet that long?

Have you ever jumped into a lake?  On the shore, it is easy to think about how cold the water is and how unpleasant that shock will feel.  But once you have jumped in, that adjustment is quick and soon the water feels refreshing and energizing.  Retreat silence is the same way: Tough to imagine, but easy to fall in love with once you experience the clarity and peace it can provide. 

What does “Contemplative in Action” mean? 

In the Church, a contemplative is someone who dedicates their life to prayer and the contemplation of God.  While that has often led people to withdraw from world pursuits, St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, noticed that for himself the contemplation of God did not lead him away from a busy life but rather it led him to engage in the activities of his life in a different way.  He wanted his followers to be “contemplatives in action,” people who discern how God is acting in their lives and put their efforts into cooperating in that activity.  The Contemplatives in Action retreat, then, is designed to help young adults grow in their ability to quiet down and notice God’s work in their everyday busyness.  This awareness of God’s love and activity will then naturally lead to responses that are more transformative and generous than could ever have been possible before.   


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