Annual Giving Campaign


Dear Friends,

As the feast of our Lord’s birth draws near, we long for peace and meaning in our lives. Yet I know the Christmas season often brings stress. The tumultuous waters of shopping malls, family dinners, holiday parties, and last minute decorations can have even the best of us in over our heads and navigating difficulties.

Amidst the yuletide chaos, I invite you to reflect on the calm that Christ brings to your life. In Matthew 14, we find Jesus joyful and trusting amidst uncertain waters. Our Lord provides a gentle strength for nervous Peter and the disciples.

Here at Montserrat, we strive to be that source of peace for people seeking calm and hope, love and faith. Our 30- acre campus serves as an oasis for prayer, healing, and self-discovery. During this hectic time of year, we invite you to reflect on your time seated by our serene lake, or enjoying the quiet in our chapel. And humbly, we ask that you might consider supporting our mission as we maintain this haven for prayer.

Help Montserrat bring the gift of spiritual enrichment to North Texas!

As you know, we carry out our ministry on a limited budget, relying on donor support for 20% of our operating cost. But despite minimal funding, the demand for Catholic retreat space is increasing. This year, we provided retreats for more than 6,000 individuals, including adolescents, married couples, clergy and lay leaders of the Church. To accommodate this volume, we must fundraise at least $250,000 each fiscal year.

A $130 donation supports one day of retreat for another!

So, here we are, casting out our nets, asking for your help. As Jesus did for his disciples, we pray that He might move your hearts to provide a bountiful catch. We hope you will consider a gift for Montserrat on your Christmas list to enable us to continue offering the peace the world does not give, and we hope you include a visit to us in your New Years resolution.

As always, we are deeply grateful for your support.


Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J.